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April 18, 2019


thank you for such a fast and generous solution. I love being able to do
my own rekeying, I have told lots of people about your great product, now I
will tell them about your great service too.

With grateful thanks


December 9, 2017


 I received the kit today and successfully rekeyed the locks this evening.
 I'm ecstatic that I was able to do this rekeying myself and I'm very glad
 the kit included pins for six locks; I thought I needed five, but miscounted
 and actually needed all six.

 I am a happy customer and have already told folks about your company's
 product. I don't know that they have any rekeying to do in their near
 future, but they'll talk to others also so, hopefully, that will result in
 more business for you.

 Have a good weekend,

November 28, 2017

I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service and recommendation you
provided to rekey my Weslock locks in my house. I must tell you that the
instructions were clear and easy to follow. It took me just 60 minutes to change 4
locks in my house. It includes sanding some upper pins with file to have same
height. Everything went smoothly. After doing one lock I felt like I am a locksmith
:). The key quality is also good and it is sturdy.

Thanks again for your assistance, great experience and great product you

Thanks. Kushal

November 27, 2017

Thank you. I used your product the last time I moved (about 10 years ago)                                                           and had such a great experience I remembered to order from you again for
our current move. Now I've got two kids who will also find the re-keying
process very interesting!
Best regards,


Hi David,

The kit arrived, the locks are now re-keyed and I am a happy customer.Many
thanks for your kit!


August 15,2017


Received the shipment. Thank you very much for everything, great product and amazing
customer service.

Hope you have a great week,


When I moved back to my house after a divorce in 2010, I had found your website and
used a kit to rekey the Schlage locks. Having just bought a new home this week I
was pleasantly surprised to find that you also support the Kwikset Titan locks on my
new house.

Thanks for the shipping update.

Best Regards,
Wayne L

Everything works, thank you! Your instructions were perfect, kit was
great, and doors are even easier to lock and unlock now. did not expect
that. thought when I put new locks in awhile back situation was caused by
the old doors, not the locks. so much better now.

Thank you for helping this old timer learn something new!


I just used your kit to re-key three Yale Z-Wave Deadbolt locks and it worked great! I was really kind of skeptical as I'd talked to a local locksmith who wanted to charge me $20 per lock, and I'd have to drive them to his shop, leave them at least overnight, and pick them up the next day. Your kit worked great though. I'll admit to messing up on my first one and had to use tweezers and a steady hand to re-insert the top pins and springs. That's a mistake I'll only make once! At the end of the night, however I had three newly keyed locks that all worked great. Thanks very much for a great product at a very fair price. I'll gladly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for such a thing

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kind regards,

AdamClaysburg, P

Hello David - thanks for the quick response. Wow! A full refund of all shipping cost wasn't necessary - just the extra portion I paid for upgraded shipping. I appreciate you taking care of this so quickly, though! Positive feedback is on its way to reflect the stellar service! I re-keyed my 4 locks tonight and your kit worked great. I will be recommending you to any friends and family in need of lock re-keying.

Thanks again and have a great day! :)

-- Blake

Hi David: 

You have a great site and you take pride in your business. The transaction went perfectly, I ordered, paid, and you shipped the next day and I received the product I requested in 3 days. I appreciate your service! Changing the pins was an easy job. I saved at least $84.00 and it only took about 2 1/2 hours to change all ten locks on my home.

Another good thing about it was that the kit was for only 6 locks and you told me I should have plenty of pins. The pins that I purchased from you in 2007, the last time I change the locks were the same colors as the pins needed for the new keys, and the only thing I had to do was put in different holes.

Thank you very much! I have already told all my friends, that told me to get a locksmith at a cost of $100.00 up to $225.00, how easy it was to change the pins myself and recommended your site to them. I will continue to recommend your site.

Robert L. F.

David, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the re-keying kit. The instructions were perfect and with the supplied tool it was a very easy to change the pins in the cylinders. I could not be more pleased with the result and I will be sure to recommend to all my friends that they do the same. Thanks again.

Gary B.
Spring Branch, TX

I was very happy with your products. I live in a rural area and having access to your company saved me a BOATLOAD of money and aggravation. I have happily recommended your company many times!!!

Cheryl B.
Black Rock, AR

Hi David-Thanks for the prompt reply! I loved your re-key kit-Fast service,Reasonable cost,Excellent instructions-Just as advertised! I decided to add 3 more deadbolts,and at least 2 storm door locks, so I would need more pin sets (gold,silver,purple,red,green) I will go to the web site and see if I can order there.

Thanks again E.J.
Andover, KS

I wanted to say thank you for a great product. I was really concerned since the cost was so reasonable and I had no experience with locks. The directions were perfect and all the parts worked. I plan to order a kit for my mother in laws home very soon.

Clemmie M.
Alpharetta, GA

WOW!!! What can I say? The only thing better than your Change-A-Lock kit is your customer service! I ordered my kit Saturday, and it arrived Monday. I was able to easily re-key my all my locks (2 different types) in 30 minutes!!!! Unbelievable!!! You answered all my questions promptly, and even anticipated my needs! Now instead of needing 6 different keys I need only one! You can be sure I will recommend your product to all my friends who want to change their locks (even the ones who aren't mechanically inclined). Thanks again,

Chris J.

Thanks very much! Yes, only the one is a 6 pin lock. I really appreciate your assistance - that's why I'd rather order from you than some big store chain! You have really great customer service, and I really appreciate that! Best regards,

Chris J.

Hi David,

Just wanted to say thanks for changing my order at the last minute!  I'm extremely happy with the product. great customer service! thanks again!


David, Wow! I purchased a kit from you some time ago to re key Kwik Set dead bolts and Defiant door handle locks. I waited until the weather warmed to remove locks and install the new pins. I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the unknown world of locks, having never disassembled a cylinder before. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how simple the change over was. Instructions you provided were very easy to understand. The tools are perfect for the job and made dis-assembly incredibly easy. Thanks to your kit I have replaced 4 keys with one master key to open all locks. Fantastic! I highly recommend your kit to folks who intend to change their locks. Ironically, reassembling the Kwik Set dead bolts after changing pin sets, gave me more hassle than any other part of the process.

Have a great day, Walt


Success!  Thank you for your help and for your excellent product.

Testimonial which you may use for your website:
"My wife got a good deal on 4 high end lock sets from a design center which closed.  The problem was that the keys were missing and a local locksmith said he would re-key the locks for around $200.  So much for the good deal!
I found Change-A-Lock while searching DIY sites hoping I could find an alternative to the locksmith.  I purchased a Change-A-Lock kit along with two extra keys for less than half of what the locksmith was going to charge for just one lock.  My first lock took approximately 30 minutes to complete but the next three only took 10 minutes each.  The Change-A-Lock kit had everything I needed including thorough instructions (with pictures).  The kit is made of top-quality materials and now my locks work great...with new keys!  If I can do it, you can do it."

Thanks again for your assistance,


Reading an article on re-keying and someone posted they had used your product.  I came to your site and emailed some questions to David.  GREAT customer support!

Greg H.
Flower Mound, TX

I just finished the last (for now) of three locks of my new home. I was looking at over $150.00 for new lock sets, and I really couldn't afford it. You're product ROCKS!! It's awesome! After a 40 minute learning curve for the first re-key, the next took 10 minutes both! Again, your kit is AWESOME! Best part is, I have enough pins sets for the two deadbolts I have yet to buy. Thank you so much for the savings!

Amy B.
Henrico, VA

Hi David

Thank you for providing me the suggestion over the phone, especially for providing this service so quickly.

I have no previous experience on lock and key at all. When I moved in this new house, the locksmith charged $65 just to come here. So You can imagine how exciting and happy when I can finish it myself. And it is so simple and fun. I would highly recommend your service to anyone.   

Thanks again. 

Moreno Valley, CA


Thank you for your prompt customer service and expedient shipping. You
provide a valuable product (at a very reasonable price) that is
strangely difficult to come by. Despite the shipping mix-up, I will
certainly refer your company to anybody who needs to re-key their locks.
I could have saved a lot of time and money if I knew about your company
when I bought my last house.

Kevin J. M, AAMS
Financial Advisor
Loves Park, IL

UPGRADE to web site on June 08, 2010 lost last 3 years of testimonials from November 2007 till June 08, 2010.


Just to let you know how extremely pleased I am with your CHANGE-A-LOCK product. We have a beach rental house that I had previously paid plenty to have locks "changed". I ordered a Schlage kit with extra keys. It came in 4 days across country. So far I have re-keyed 6 locks. Very easy using your instructions, everything worked just as you said it would. I did 6 locks (3 deadbolt 3 in-handle) in under 3 hours. All the supplied tools were exact for what I needed. Only needed a Phillip's screwdriver. Thank You again.

George P.
Thiells, NY

Thanks for your product and your help. I had seen this on the Internet when my dad bought a new house. He wanted to get new locks, but in an effort to conserve resources, I told him to get them re-keyed. He went to a locksmith who quoted him 150 bucks for two handle locks and one deadbolt! He ended up buying new locks far cheaper.

Your kit was perfect and far more affordable for me. I did 8 locks for slightly more than 10% of the quote my dad got. Two months ago, I bought a double cylinder deadbolt at the HD. They re-keyed it for me there and it was really difficult to use. Only certain keys worked and then you'd have to jiggle it. Your kit works perfectly in this lock and all the others I used it on.

Thanks for creating this system!

Jason S.
Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for a great product, and for putting it on the Internet where I could find it! I got the re-key kit and changed all 12 of my locks this weekend.  Other than saving money, I think the best thing about your kit is that I didn’t have to leave my home unlock (for who knows how long) while I went away to get the re-keying done.  Thanks again.

Dave Y. 
Greensboro, NC


I received the package yesterday.  Thank you for the lightening quick service!

Kenneth S.
Los Angeles, CA


I rec’d the Change-a-Lock set yesterday. Changed out 3 locks over my lunch hour, piece of cake even [though] I didn’t keep the “cylinder follower” in place on the first one and had to chase some pins and springs!  The Kwikset cylinder has a little spring retainer clip on the outside. Removing that and replacing the pins and springs was quick and easy. Your re-key kit has more than [enough] tools, and all the right color-coded pins to make the job a breeze.  And very reasonably priced. And timely shipment.

Thanks. Good doing business with you.


EXCELLENT price and service! I’ll be back.

Thank You

Sebastopol, CA

Wow! Great service! I got the kits in today’s mail.  Thank you for being so prompt, your site is now in my “Favorites” list for any future lock needs.

Tom P.
Rio Rancho, NM

I received the kit with extra keys and pins today, and was able to re-key the locks rather easily.  This is a fantastic product!  I know I’ll be ordering from you again in the future, and I’ll be spreading the word to friends and co-workers about these kits.

Thanks for a great product and quick delivery!

Paul M. 

I just wanted to let you know that this kit worked great!



Thanks for the fast shipping on your fine product!  Re-keyed five locks, saved about $100 and now have peace of mind.

Thanks again!


Received one of your Change-A-Lock kits on Saturday and performed the install in three different locks.  The kit works great and the excellent instructions made a complicated task seem a lot easier, even for a complete novice like me.  Thanks for supplying a great product!


Awesome product!  I re-keyed 8 locks in about an hour for $16.50 (including shipping).  No locksmith in town was willing to sell me the pins.  Now I know why, they wanted $6.50 per lock, and as for a call out forget it, well over a hundred.  It was very easy to do I only used a screwdriver and the tool you provided.  I eliminated 8 different keys and now I only need one.

Thank you!!

Humberto G.

I received my Change-A-Lock order yesterday and can’t say enough good things about this product.  We recently moved into a newly built home.  The builder misplaced one of the keys to our home.  Additionally, who knows who had access to the keys to our home while it was under construction.  We needed to re-key our locks to protect our belongings, investment, and ourselves.  This kit allowed me to do this and save money by not having to call a lock smith or replace the entry locks.  The instructions were simple and the kit provided all the tools necessary to complete the job.  In about 20 minutes I had re-keyed two locks, deadbolt and standard door lock.

Thank you.

A satisfied customer

Chris M.

I just cannot believe your amazing product and customer service.  I ordered a re-key kit on Saturday, received it Monday and was able to change six locks in under an hour (I had never re-keyed a lock before). 

Just wanted to thank you for great service.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to change their locks.  I called local locksmiths and they charge anywhere from $25-$50 for a service call and then $7.50 to $12.50 per lock.  I am glad that I found you all on the net.



I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your Change-A-Lock kit.  I ordered your kit April 10th and received it on the 13th.  I re-keyed my first lock this afternoon and your directions were easy to follow and the kit worked perfectly.  I am a 100% satisfied customer!!!  You have an excellent product that I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone. 

Thanks again,


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