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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to or call our toll free number at 866-546-2957.

1. Is it possible to use my old key to re-key a new lock?

CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-key kit comes with two (2) pre cut keys which have the cuts matching the pins in the package.  We use a 5 color coded pin system and original manufacturers use 0 - 9 pin system. Some of our pins may match your old key cut, but to have them all match is highly unlikely.  So I would have to say no to this question.

2. What do you mean by a single cylinder?

Where you insert a key into the lock is considered a single cylinder. So if you have a deadbolt which you can insert a key into both sides then that is a double cylinder deadbolt. Double cylinder deadbolts use 1 pin set for each side of the deadbolt.

3. How many locks will the re-key kit do?

The CHANGE-A-LOCK® Re-key Kit will re-key 6 single cylinder locks.  Each place you insert a key is considered 1 single cylinder lock.  If you have a deadbolt and it is keyed on both sides then that is considered as having 2 single cylinder locks. 

4. How many extra pin sets would I need to re-key my locks?

The CHANGE-A-LOCK® Re-key kit comes with (6) six pin sets which will re-key (6) six single cylinder locks. Count the number of cylinder locks you insert a key into and that is how many pin sets you would need to rekey your locks.  Double cylinder deadbolts i.e., keyed on both sides counts as 2 single cylinder locks.

5. I don't have my old key for my lock. Can I still use CHANGE-A-LOCK® to re-key this lock?

The only two manufacturer's locks that you do not need to have the old key to begin rekeying is the KWIKSET Security (5 pin cylinder system) & the KWIKSET Maximum Security (5 pin cylinder system).  All other locks you do need the old key to begin rekeying. 

If you want to use your old lock you can take it to a locksmith. They can take the lock apart but take the black follower with you so they can leave it in the lock to hold the top pins and springs. Then you can use the CHANGE-A-LOCK® Re-key kit to re-key your lock to the new key that comes in the CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-key kit.

6. How can I tell what kind of lock I have?

Manufacturers often stamp the their name on the lock itself. Sometimes the manufacturer will stamp their name on the bracket on the door where the latch comes out of the door or the door jam bracket itself i.e., where the latch from the door goes into frame around the door. 

Also, you can take your key to your local home center and insert it into the name brand locks like KWIKSET or Schlage.  If the key will go into that brand then at least the lock uses that particular brand of cylinder.  You then could order that particular brand of re-key kit which should work. 

Schlage key cylinder is used in Baldwin, Emtek, Pegasus and other locks; therefore, our Schlage re-key kit will work on these locks.

Kwikset key cylinder is used in Ace, Atlas, E-Z Set, Defiant, Duraset,  and many other brand of locks; therefore our Kwikset or our Duraset, Ace, Atlas & Defiant re-key kit will work. Look at the entrance handle and if it has a small pin hole in it, usually at about the 7 o'clock position, then use the Duraset, Ace, Atlas, & Defiant re-key kit.  If no hole then use the Kwikset re-key kit.

7. How do I know my Schlage is a Type "C" lock, or my E-Z Set is a Type "K" lock?

Type "C" and Type "K" are use by Schlage & E-Z Set to designate residential locks. So if you have these types of locks on your house, apartment, or small business the probability that our re-key kits would work is quite high. Also, look on your Schlage key and given it has the name SCHLAGE on it the key may also have just a "C" or it may have a SC1 which designates it as a residential lock.

8. Can I get extra pins or extra keys which will match my previous CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-key kit?

Yes, if you have kept the special instructional sheet which has the pin code then proceed to the order page and place your order. On the last order page there is a comment section where you would need to put the special instructional code. Each extra pin set is $.50 which will re-key one (1) single cylinder lock. Each extra key is $1.50 and I would need the exact pin code from the head of the key to the tip where you insert it into the lock, e.g., red, green, green, gold, silver.

9. What to Do if You Cannot Remove Key Once Lock Has Been Re-keyed.

If your key cylinder has a screw-off end cap, tighten cap all the way then loosen 1 to 2 notches at a time until you are able to remove key. If this does not work or if your lock cylinder does not have an screw-off end cap then read about master keyed locks below.

Master Keyed Lock:

Your lock may have been master keyed at one time. If key cannot be removed once lock has been rekeyed, then remove the key cylinder again using the follower. Remove the follower to let the top pins and springs drop out of cylinder housing. If lock has been master keyed you will have more than 5 top pins for a 5 pin cylinder lock system. Refer to the directions on how to replace the 5 top pins of equal length and the 5 springs. Do not use the other pins which drop out of the cylinder housing! 

If you have a 6 pin key cylinder system then replace the 6 pins of equal length and the 6 springs.

10. KWISKET LOCK which has the little slot on the front side next to the key slot.

Do not use the CHANGE-A-LOCK REKEY KIT with the pins; however, you can use the keys which came in the kit to change the lock using the SMART KEY method that KWIKSET CORPORATION developed.

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