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CHANGE-A-LOCK® Re-key Kits are available for 17  different manufacturers' Locks:

Why Choose Our Kits?

CHANGE-A-LOCK® is the first product to provide the opportunity for you to re-key your own locks at a fraction of the cost a locksmith would charge. These unique, patented re-key kits contain everything necessary (except for a common screwdriver) to re-key up to 6 single cylinder locks and comes with 2 pre-cut keys.

About Our Door Lock Re-keying Kit

Each CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-keying kit comes with special re-keying tools, instructions in English and Spanish, 2 pre-cut keys, and 6 sets of color-coded pins. Old key is needed to take out lock cylinder plug then new key is used to re-key lock. CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-key kits cannot be used with old key to re-key other locks because the color coded pins match the new key cut. All you may need is a common screwdriver to remove your old lock from the door. NOTE: We cannot match original manufacturer's key code with pins or keys.

Note: You must use the keys provided in re-key kit for re-keying. Pins match keys in kit and are not to be used to re-key with any other keys!



Do not use the CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-keying method for the new KWIKSET SMART KEY® lock. If you have a new KWIKSET SMART KEY® lock you can use the keys in the CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-key kit by following the KWIKSET SMART KEY® re-keying method only. Note: Smart Key® lock has a small slot on the left side of the key cylinder slot.

Watch Kwikset Smart Key® re-keying method: SmartSeries/ScienceOfSecurity /ReKey.aspx

PLEASE NOTE: BALDWIN®, EMTEK®, & PEGASUS® LOCKS must have the SCHLAGE KEY compatible cylinder and YALE® LOCKS must have the KWIKSET® KEY compatible cylinder for re-key kit to work!


Do not use the CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-keying method with the new Schlage SecureKey® Locks. You can use the keys in the CHANGE-A-LOCK® re-key kit to have all your locks keyed alike. However, you will need to have a new "blue" reset SecureKey(TM) cut to match the CHANGE-A-LOCK® keys. Schlage® corporation has exclusive control over the  new "blue" reset SecureKey(TM); therefore, we cannot provide them at this time. The "blue" reset SecureKey(TM) can be purchased at your local home center. 

NOTE: The Schlage SecureKey® locks have a + above the key slot.

Watch Schlage SecureKey® re-keying method: /pages/home.aspx


If your key cylinder has a screw-off end cap, tighten or loosen one to two notches at a time until you are able to remove key. If this does not work then read about locks which have been master keyed below.

Change-A-Lock Kit

Mastered Keyed Lock:

Your lock may have been master keyed at one time. If once you have re-keyed and you cannot remove the key, then take out the cylinder again. You will need to remove the top pins and springs. There should be 5 top pins of equal length and 5 top springs for a 5 pin key cylinder system. If you have more than 5 pins  do not use the other pins then replace the 5 pins and 5 springs per instructions. If you have a 6 pin key cylinder system then replace the 6 pins of equal length and the 6 springs.

Our re-keying kits provide both the method and necessary specialty tools for you to re-key your own locks. Customers with more than 6 single cylinders may, at time of ordering, add additional pin sets and/or pre-cut keys which will match the kit ordered. Previous CHANGE-A-LOCK® customers, who want to order additional pin set(s) and/or extra key(s), please email


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