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Change Your Own Door Lock

CHANGE-A-LOCK®  A Division of Topper Hardware, Inc. has been in business since 1978. We currently offer 9 different do-it-yourself re-keying kits that can be used with a total of 17 different major manufacturer type locks. Each re-key kit is $12.95 and will re-key 6 single cylinder locks. Each lock you put a key in is a single cylinder so if you have a deadbolt keyed on both sides, that would count as 2 single cylinder locks.

Our re-key kit comes with 2 pre-cut keys, detailed instructions and all the special tools needed except for a common screwdriver. Manufacturing our re-key kit we  use hundreds & hundreds of key cut combinations to insure privacy.

Old key is needed for most locks in order to take out the lock cylinder plug then new key is used to re-key lock. 

If you buy 2 or more rekey kits of the same type and want them keyed alike please email me at


Key in Lock




Key and Lock

Customers with more than 6 single cylinder locks may, at time of ordering, add additional pin sets and/or pre cut keys which will match the kit ordered. Each lock you insert a key is a single cylinder. If you have a deadbolt keyed on both sides that is considered as 2 single cylinder locks.

Note: You must use the keys provided in re-key kit for rekeying. Pins match keys in kit and are not to be used to re-key with any other keys!

If you order 2 or more re-key kits and wish to have them keyed the same please email us at immediately after placing your order. We cannot match manufacturer's original key code with pins or keys.

NOTE: Your BALDWIN®, EMTEK®, & PEGASUS® KEYS must be able to go into a Schlage 5-PIN compatible cylinder for this rekey kit to work!

NOTE: Your YALE or TRU-BOLT KEY must be able to go into a KWIKSET LOCK KEY CYLINDER for this rekey kit to work!

NOTE: KWISKET LOCK which has the little slot on the front side next to the key slot.

Do not use the CHANGE-A-LOCK REKEY KIT with the pins; however, you can use the keys which came in the kit to change the lock using the SMART KEY method that KWIKSET CORPORATION developed.

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